3. I Need Jesus

Please remember to pray before reading!

God Created Us Perfect

As originally created by God, man was much different from how he appears today. Every mental and physical ability was perfectly developed. Every noble quality was present. By his very nature man was in harmony with God. Every motive and desire that he had was completely pure and unselfish.

Sin Corrupted Us

But sin brought about a devastating change. The entire nature of man became perverted and corrupt. Selfishness became the primary motive instead of love. Man became naturally rebellious and defiant. Because of this change, it became easier to sin than to obey God's law. In fact, it was impossible for man to make the right choices and to be holy without help from outside of himself. Man became a slave to a cruel enemy. Satan is God's enemy and our enemy as well. His goal was to fill the earth with suffering and misery. Then he planned to put all the blame on God.

Talking With God

Before sin entered the world, Adam and Eve had the marvelous privilege of being able to talk with God face to face. But the guilt and shame of sin made the first couple want to hide from God. Now instead of the incredible joy that had previously come from being with God, His presence brought fear and dread.

And that's the way it still is when we are out of harmony with God. Sin puts a barrier between us and God and makes us feel very uncomfortable in His presence. God hasn't withdrawn Himself from us, but because of our sin we have pulled away from God. The distance between God and us is our own doing. God longs to have close fellowship with us. But in our sinful condition, we simply couldn't stand to be in His direct presence.

That's why the wicked will not be included in the eternal heavenly home. The sinner could not possibly find happiness there. The principles of heaven are totally foreign to the selfish, unconverted man. He would feel out of place among holy and sinless angels. He would long for the evil pursuits that he enjoys and would find the purity and glory of heaven very distasteful. In fact, heaven would be a place of torture to him.

God didn't just arbitrarily declare that the rebellious were excluded from heaven. They have disqualified themselves. They would rather be destroyed than to be in His presence. The glory that surrounds the Father would consume them.

We Can't Free Ourselves

Because of Adam's sin, we have all inherited a rebellious, sinful nature. It's impossible for us to escape from the deep pit of sin by ourselves. We are naturally at war with the principles of heaven.

We may try to correct and change our outward behavior. By education and through culture we may try to develop our moral powers. With our willpower we may determine that we will do what is right. But in reality none of these things can change our inward motives. While we may succeed in producing good behavior on the outside, our goals and motives are still unchanged. What we need is a total transformation of character. And this change cannot originate from within the heart of a human. It must be supernaturally implanted there by a higher power. And the only One who can do that is Christ.

Jesus Came to Set Us Free

It is only because of God's intervention that we even have the desire to do what is right. And it is only when God miraculously implants a new nature in us that we can be truly obedient. In the Bible this is called the new birth experience. We are a "new creation" with a "new heart," "walking in the Spirit." It's a fallacy to believe that we need only to develop the good that is within ourselves. The Bible tells us that there is nothing good in us, that is, in our old, carnal nature. We need to find the power from outside of ourselves.

Each one of us needs to be born again. Just agreeing that God is right is not enough. We need to be delivered from the bondage of our old nature. It's impossible for the old nature to be in harmony with God.

Who can set us free from this cruel slavery? Only Jesus can save us from the destructive power of sin. Because of our sins, we have been cut off from God. A communication barrier has been created. But Christ has restored the lines of communication. Jesus is the bridge that connects us with God, the Source of infinite power. We may spend an entire lifetime trying to make this world a better place, but if we neglect God's power, all our efforts will be in vain. Without Jesus there is no true goodness.

Jesus Draws Us

Oh, how desperately we all need God in our lives! And the only way to come to the Father is through Jesus Christ.

The heart of God yearns over His earthly children with a love stronger than death. In giving up His Son the Father has poured out to us all heaven in one Gift. If we could only grasp the significance of this amazing Sacrifice! If we could only fully appreciate all the effort God has expended upon us! Can you sense the intensity of His love? He gave us everything He could when He gave us Jesus. There is nothing more that He could do to win us back to Himself.

God has promised us rewards that are beyond our comprehension. The future prepared for us is beyond our wildest imaginings. Our potential for development throughout eternity will be limitless. Our happiness will have no bounds. God loves us so much that He wants us to live with Him. He has invited us to share in the riches of His glorious kingdom for all eternity.

The Bible also warns us about the terrible consequences of those who persist in sin. The Father longs to rescue us from the service of the one who wants to destroy us, Satan.

The tender mercy of God is pleading with you to respond. What more could He do to save you? He wants you to open your heart to Him so that He can show you how much He really does love you. He wants to be your very best friend.

Jesus has all the resources necessary to give you a new nature so that you can be changed to become like Him. He wants you to come into a close relationship with Himself so that you will enjoy His presence and the presence of the holy angels. Dear friend, you do need God in your life. And He's waiting for you to come to Him. Won't you accept Him now?