26. Learning to Praise God

Please remember to pray before reading!

Yesterday we learned that Christians are called to be representatives of God so the world can see His love in action. God wants to reach people through the lives of Christ's followers. Just as Jesus was sent to reveal the Father to the world, so are Christians to reveal Christ to those who don't know Him.

2 Corinthians 3:2, 3 — Christians are letters from God to the world.

Romans 8:32 — God gave up His Son for us.

Romans 14:7 — We have a powerful influence on each other.

Psalm 37:3 — We can trust that God will reward us.

John 17:15 — We aren't promised easy times, but God will help us.

John 16:33 — We can find cheer and hope in what Jesus has done for us.

Matthew 6:26 — God promises to take care of our needs.

John 14:27 — God gives true peace, so we don’t need to fear.

John 15:11 — We find complete joy in Jesus.

Deuteronomy 33:25 — God gives daily strength as we need it.

Matthew 16:26 — Salvation is priceless, but this world has no eternal value.

Psalm 100 — Praise God for His goodness.

  1. Can people learn what God is like by watching how I behave, and how I treat others?
  2. Does the awareness that God has called me to represent Him cause me to realize how much I need to stay close to Him, constantly receiving His power?
  3. When I complain and express negative thoughts, do I realize that others may think that being a Christian makes one miserable and unhappy?
  4. Does my happiness depend on circumstances, or do I choose to focus on good things, and let God’s joy fill my heart, even in difficult circumstances?
  5. Do I choose to focus on Jesus, His love for me, and all the promises He has given me, so that gratitude and praise sweetens the sorrows of life?
  6. Do I take all my needs to Jesus and trust Him to provide the solution to every problem, resting in His loving care and accepting the results cheerfully?
  7. Do I reject the negative feelings Satan tries to give me, and instead choose to praise God, so that my attitude is changed from discouragement to joy?
  8. Do I experience the joy of Jesus in my heart, and does it show on my face?
  9. Am I free from resentment, and have I forgiven all those who have wronged me?
  10. Do I realize that worry, fear and stress come from a lack of trust, and that I can safely trust my future to Jesus, and let go of these negative feelings? Do I go to God for strength in difficult times?
  11. Have I learned to accept my circumstances, so that I have comfort and hope in Him, rather than frustration and discontentment?
  12. Do I realize that God allows the trials that will help me grow, and each difficulty will bring me closer to Jesus when I trust in Him?
  13. Do I believe that true happiness is found in obedience to His will?