23. Iíll Trust in Jesus

Please remember to pray before reading!

We Have Evidence to Believe

Many of us struggle with doubts at times, especially those who are new Christians. There are things in the Bible that we may not understand, and Satan uses these to try to shake our faith in God and His Word.

But there is enough evidence upon which we can base our faith. The testimony given in God's Word is clear and powerful. We have been given many signs and unmistakable proof that God's Word is true. But God hasn't erased every possibility for us to doubt. He wants our faith to be firmly grounded in what He has revealed. If we choose to doubt, we can find the opportunity to doubt. If we are sincere in seeking truth, we will find plenty of reasons to believe.

God Is Bigger Than Our Opinions

Human reasoning powers are very limited. Therefore a person can't expect to be able to comprehend the mysteries of God. He is so complex and awesome that one has no reference with which to compare Him. He's beyond our capacity to analyze and define. But He has revealed Himself to us in very real and endearing ways. We can enter into a personal relationship with Him based upon the character qualities revealed in the Bible.

We can experience His compassion and mercy, and we can sense His love. He has revealed as much about Himself as is for our best good. Beyond that. He invites us to trust in His goodness.

The Word of God contains deep subjects beyond our comprehension. How can one possibly explain why sin entered the world or why God loved us so much He sent His own Son?

Our Minds Are Limited

There are other things that even the wisest among us cannot explain. But just because one doesn't understand the Bible doesn't mean it's not true. The problem is in one's own limited mental powers. Instead of proving that the Bible is not the Word of God, these difficult concepts and passages of the Bible prove that God is the source.

If weak and sinful human beings could grasp everything about God and learn everything there is to know in the Bible, this would show that the Bible is of mere human origin. But the fact that the mystery of God is beyond human capacity to exhaust proves His greatness and thus validates His Word.

Studying the Bible Increases Faith

The Bible contains beautiful truths that are designed to meet all our longings and desires. God's precious promises address the needs of every soul. The more we study God's Word, the more thrilling and meaningful it becomes to us. Those who are blessed with brilliant minds cannot exhaust the treasures in the Bible, yet those with simple minds can grasp all they need for salvation.

By admitting that we can't comprehend everything in the Bible, we are simply admitting that God is greater than we. God invites us to search the Scriptures and use our reasoning powers. There are many deep truths that call for diligent study. But Satan wants man to be proud of his intellectual attainments. He wants us to probe into things God has not revealed.

Satan urges men to invent theories and doctrines that come from man's faulty reasoning, claiming that they come from God's Word. Those motivated with human pride want to be able to explain everything without depending upon the Holy Spirit to reveal truth. This approach to the Bible is what has caused much confusion regarding what the Bible teaches.

We Need the Holy Spirit

It is only through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit that one can understand the Bible. When one looks to God for guidance as these deep Scriptural topics are studied, the mind will expand and the intellect will strengthen. One will be able to understand awesome concepts. But one must have a humble and teachable attitude. Without the Holy Spirit, we are likely to misunderstand God's Word. If the motive for studying the Bible is not a sincere desire to know and follow truth, Satan is present to suggest doubts and wrong interpretations. Reading the Bible to try to prove that it is wrong will just increase doubt.

The Real Reason for Doubt

Actually, the most common cause of doubt is the love of sin. The Bible points out our sins, and if we aren't willing to let them go, we look for an excuse to defend them. It's easy to pick fault with God's Word when we don't want to hear what it says. If we disagree with the Bible, then we can justify ignoring its teachings. But if we are willing to obey, our confidence and trust in the Word of God will be strong and unshakable.

The best thing to do if you are struggling with doubts is to accept the truth that is clear to you and move forward in faith. Don't worry about the things you don't understand. As you walk in the light that you already have, Jesus will shine more light on your pathway. He will take care of our doubts if we turn them over to Him.

Our Experience Increases Faith

Besides the witness of many who have gone before us, our own experience can strengthen our faith. As we put God to the test in our own lives, claiming promises and trusting Him to guide us, He will prove to be trustworthy. As we see how He provides solutions to our problems, our faith is strengthened. There is nothing like personal experience to establish our faith. God does keep His promises. There is power embedded in His Word to perform what He says. In fact, every command of God contains the power to carry it out. His promises have never failed and they can never fail.

Every Christian who has been truly delivered from darkness has a powerful testimony to bear. When God transforms our lives, we won't doubt the truth of God's Word. Our testimony will be, "I needed help, and Jesus came to my rescue. He has forgiven all my sins and given me a new life. I have found the peace and joy for which I had been longing. I believe the Bible is true because God speaks to me through its pages."

We are to be continually growing as Christians. The Bible should be our constant study, and we will learn more about God's will for our lives every day. Our understanding of truth should ever be expanding, and we can never say that there is nothing more for us to learn.

All Questions Will Be Answered

God has promised us that someday we will see clearly those things which are now obscure to our understanding. We can look forward to the time when all the puzzling problems that we now face will make sense to us. We will be able to see the wisdom of God in how He has led in our lives. Praise to God will reverberate throughout the universe as faith merges with the heavenly reality of the goodness of God.