19. Learning & Listening

Please remember to pray before reading!

God Speaks to Us in Many Ways

God provides many avenues through which we can get to know Him. In nature we can sense God's love and power.

When Jesus was here on earth, He used objects in nature to teach precious lessons. These parables can give us constant reminders throughout the day that will help us to understand the truth about God. The birds, the flowers, and all the things God made help us to see how He cares about even the little details in our lives.

As Christians we can hear the voice of God speaking to us in nature. God's creation shows us how much He loves us.

By observing His created works we are inspired to be pure and obedient to God. We learn to trust in His providence and power by considering how He sustains life and provides for our needs. He even cares about the tiny sparrow. Surely He cares for us!

We Can Trust Him!

God is always present with us. He notices each tear that we shed. There is no problem or concern too small or too big for Him. He has a wonderful plan for our lives if we will just let Him take over. If we would believe this with all of our hearts, we wouldn't be anxious and worried. Our stress and fear would fade away if we would just believe that God is big enough to handle our problems.

God loves us so much! All the beauty in nature is just a slight reflection of the glory of our heavenly home. The most beautiful scene that you can imagine doesn't even come close to the reality of heaven.

God Speaks Through Providence

If we are connected with God, we will discern His leading through the opportunities He provides. As we pray for wisdom, the Holy Spirit will impress upon us what we should do. He will teach us truth if we are open to receive it. We can call upon God to help us in all the decisions we need to make from day to day. He has the solutions to all our problems. When God closes one door, He always opens another.

The Word Reveals God's Character

God has clearly revealed Himself to us in His Word. He has laid out before us the great plan of salvation. We learn about Him in the stories of the men of old. We can receive encouragement as we read how they struggled with similar problems as we do and how God gave them strength to conquer. We see how merciful and forgiving God is in dealing with His children. By reading about God's patience and compassion, we can be assured that God won't give up on us.

Reading the Bibles stories brings us hope. As we read of the power of God, our faith is strengthened. The faith of the godly inspires us to trust in God as they did.

Jesus is the central theme of the Bible. He was actively involved in the creation, and He is our Redeemer. Our relationship with Jesus will grow stronger as we study the Word of God. Our love for Him will increase as we read of His great love for us.

Food for Our Soul

The Word of God is food for our spiritual nature. Just as we need physical food to survive, so we need spiritual food to grow strong spiritually. We eat the Word of God by meditating upon it and applying it to our lives. We should saturate our minds with the Word of God. We will find comfort and hope in its pages.

We have an awesome subject that deserves our deep study. The story of redemption is thrilling to the angels, and it will be the topic of study throughout eternity. There is so much for us to learn about the love of Jesus and His wonderful sacrifice for us. The more we meditate upon Christ's wonderful character the more like Him we will become. Studying God's Word will help us to pray more effectively. We will learn to trust Jesus more and more. His promises will become precious to us. The more we think about Jesus, the easier it will become to share His love with others. It will become very natural to talk about the One who is always on our minds.

The Bible Is for Everyone

The Bible is designed to meet the needs of everyone. It contains deep truths that challenge even the most educated and brilliant and yet it is simple enough for even a child. God is willing to teach us truth through the Scriptures. He will reveal everything we need to know in order to receive salvation.

God wants each one to study the Bible for himself. We should not depend upon someone else to tell us what the Bible means. When we study God's Word, our minds will grow sharper and our understanding will increase.

God's Word has the power to energize our minds. It lifts our thoughts up above the common things of life and helps us think about those things that are really important. If we want to have stability and integrity we should study God's Word diligently. There we will find wisdom that cannot be found from any other source.

How to Study

As you read the Bible, it's important to read slowly and thoughtfully. A superficial reading of the Scriptures won't accomplish much good. God desires to speak to us through the words of Scripture. We need to meditate upon the meaning of what we read.

We need to understand how important the Bible is to our success in the Christian life. We need the words of God to guide our thoughts and change our attitudes. Because there is so much worldly information that bombards our minds from day to day, we need to make sure to cancel it out with the truths from God's Word. The Word of God has power to give us victory over temptation. That's why it's important to have God's Word always in one's mind. Memorization of Scripture is very helpful to guide us in the right path. Carry a Bible with you and put the words in your mind during your spare moments.

Studying the Bible is like searching for hidden treasure. It takes effort and careful research. As we discover truth from our diligent study, we will experience great joy. The truth will become extremely precious to us.

The Holy Spirit Will Teach Us

One should never study the Bible without a prayerful attitude. Even before we open its pages, we should ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in our search for truth.

God delights in giving the Holy Spirit to those who ask. The Spirit is a gift from God to help us to understand the truth. Holy angels will also be right beside us as we study and show us beautiful truths.

Jesus Christ will be exalted and glorified as the Scriptures are made plain to us. How God must love us, since He gave Jesus to die for us and has appointed the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us continually.