11. Iím Accepted

Please remember to pray before reading!

Harmony With God

As you respond to the Holy Spirit's speaking to your conscience, you begin to see how terrible sin really is. You understand that sin is what separates you from God. And the more aware you become of how bad it is, the more you realize its power. That makes you realize how helpless you are to escape from its bondage by your own efforts. You understand that by nature your motives are all wrong. You are filled with selfishness and evil thoughts. How can you come into harmony with God?

You Need Assurance

You need peace in your heart, Heaven's forgiveness. This peace is something that can't be purchased with money. You can't earn it by trying; you can't achieve it through your intelligence. This peace can come only from one Source. God offers it to you as a gift. It is yours if you will just accept it. The Bible is full of promises that God will give us peace if we will only accept Him into our lives.

Jesus Is Waiting

Jesus says, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." Revelation 3:20

When we ask Jesus for a new heart, we must believe that He has given it to us. It is so very important to understand how faith operates. Our faith is based on the promises of God's Word. Faith is basically accepting God's Word as the truth. If God said it, it's true. If God has promised it, He's good for His Word. If God promises to give us a new heart just for the asking, then we dare not doubt that He will keep His word. When God tells us to do something, that means there is power in the very command to accomplish it.

In the Bible when Jesus spoke to the crippled man and said, "Get up, pick up your bed, and walk," that man believed in Jesus' words. He knew if Jesus told him to do it, Jesus would give him the ability to do it.

That's how our faith must be. It's as if we are all crippled up with sin. We can't heal ourselves. We can't fix all the sins in our past. But God promises to do this for us. We must believe His promises. We admit our sinfulness, and then we give God permission to take over our lives. We can choose to be His followers. We can believe His Word. When we do our part, we can count on the fact that God will do His part. He will heal us just as He healed that crippled man.

God's Word Is True

Faith has nothing to do with our feelings. We're basing our belief upon what God says, not how we feel. We can say, "I believe it is so, not because I feel it, but because God has promised." When we accept the promises of God's Word, He will keep His Word. That's why God's Word is so important to a Christian. That's where the Christian finds the power to live a godly life.

Jesus promises His children, "Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." And He teaches His children to pray according to God's will. We know that it is God's will to forgive our sins and give us strength to live a holy life. So we can believe that we have received these things because He promised to give them to us. We can have the assurance that we are forgiven. We can be rid of all guilt and shame.

A Child of God

Now you belong to God. Through this simple act of believing God, you are now God's child. He has given you a new heart. You are totally and entirely accepted into the family of God. Every day it is your privilege to give yourself to Jesus and reaffirm your decision to be His child.

In the same way that you trusted in Jesus for salvation, you are to trust Him every day. He will give you the Holy Spirit to guide you and help you to make wise decisions. He will continually work in you to change your attitudes. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, you have the full privilege of being God's child. There is nothing to prove, nothing to earn. He accepts you! All of His promises and blessings are for you.

You Need Jesus Constantly!

It's important for you to understand how much you need Jesus. When you came to Jesus, you admitted that you were totally helpless to change your heart and save yourself.

Now that you have accepted Him, you still need Him every day to continue to change your heart. You never will be able to go it alone, to get to the place where you don't need Jesus. Jesus loves to have us come to Him and depend upon Him for everything. The more we admit our helplessness and look to Him to help us, the stronger we actually become. That's because it's His strength, not our own! He is able, ready, and willing to help us with every need and problem we have.

God WILL Forgive!

It is absolutely impossible for you to have sinned so much that God is unwilling to forgive you. Christ's death on the cross covered the very worst sins that could ever be committed.

Don't even think for a moment that God won't forgive your sins. There is enough pardon for every wicked sinner on the earth, if we will only accept it. This may be difficult for us to grasp because we're so used to how humans treat one another. But God is so different from humans. He is filled with mercy and tender compassion.

Satan will try to steal away your confidence. He wants to take hope away from you. Don't let him do this. Don't listen to him. Satan is full of lies, but God's Word is the truth.

You must believe God's Word no matter how hard Satan tries to make you doubt. God's Word is full of assurances of God's tender love for you. He has already given the very best Gift of heaven for you, His own self in the person of Jesus. Read the promises in His Word. What more can He do to convince you? Turn from Satan's suggestions and say, "I do believe that God accepts me and has forgiven me."

Jesus Loves You!

He is pouring out His love on you every minute of the day. Jesus is praying for you. Come to Him with your whole heart and accept His blessing. He longs to help you and bring you into complete fellowship with Himself. He has an abundance of grace and mercy for you. He is the very best Friend you could ever find.