1. God Loves Me

Very Important: Please, before you read the email for today, take a moment to invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you through these words. Hearts that are not prepared by the Holy Spirit cannot receive spiritual truths. So please make sure that you give God access to your heart before you read. He really does want to speak to you today!

God Is the Source

Do you know how much God loves you? Our heavenly Father, the Creator of heaven and earth, is the source of life, wisdom, and joy. He is seeking to reveal His infinite love to you. Consider some of the ways God reveals His wonderful love to us.

Nature Reveals God's Love

Look at nature and all the beautiful things God has made. He supplies the daily needs of all His creatures. The sun warms the earth, the rain provides the necessary moisture to produce the food we need. The air we breathe and everything that sustains life is provided by our loving Creator.

When God created this world, it was absolutely perfect without a single flaw. Peace and joy flowed through the human emotions, and every single thought was pure and holy. But God's perfect law of love was disobeyed, and sin brought pain and death into the world. Yet we can still see evidences of God's love even in this dark, dreary world full of suffering. Although the curse of sin rests on this earth, God still pours out His continual blessing upon it. Even the difficulties we encounter can work for our benefit.

God didn't erase all the beauty in the world when sin entered. On the weeds and thistles we can find flowers, and there are roses among the thorns. Stop and notice the beautiful design in a tiny flower. God is telling you in that flower that He loves you. The cheerful song of the bird is a message of love from God to you. The majestic mountains and rippling brooks contain the wonderful news of God's love. Each lovely tree loaded with blossoms and fruit tells us that we have a loving Father who cares about us personally.

The Bible Reveals God's Love

The Bible reveals the truth about our loving heavenly Father. In His Word, God's character is described as merciful, gracious, long-suffering, abundant in goodness and truth. We have a God who forgives iniquity, is slow to anger, and of great kindness. God has shown us in countless ways that we can trust Him completely. He always has our best interests at heart.

Human Love Reveals God's Love

We can experience God's love in our relationships with each other. Every kind and generous impulse comes from God. But while people can show tender compassion, they cannot represent God's love perfectly. Many people reveal an opposite spirit that is cruel and harsh. Satan is the one who is the source of this behavior. Then he tries to get us to think that God is also severe and unforgiving, just waiting to punish us.

Jesus Reveals God's Love

Jesus came to live on earth in order to show us what God is really like. He came to heal those who had broken hearts. He delivered those who were slaves to evil habits. Sight was restored to the blind. Those who were battered, abused, and helpless, He rescued. He went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed by Satan.

In every single act of Jesus one could observe love, mercy, and compassion. His heart melted in tender sympathy toward the weak and suffering. He became one with us so He could fully understand our needs and feelings. Even the shy little child wasn't afraid to talk to Him. The expression on His face radiated love and acceptance. And while Jesus boldly spoke the truth, it was always spoken in love. He was full of gentleness and showed tender consideration for the feelings of others. Even when He needed to speak strongly. He had tears in His voice and love in His eyes. His own needs were put aside so that He could help others. Even the most depraved and disgusting people were treated with tenderness and dignity. In all His dealings with humanity He revealed God's loving character. That's how Jesus treats us.

Jesus Died for Me!

Our Heavenly Father's heart is filled with compassion for His children. The love of God flowed through Jesus when He was here on the earth. The Father permitted His precious Son to leave heaven and come to this dark and desolate planet, We can't even imagine what Jesus gave up for us. In heaven He was loved and adored by millions of holy beings, while on earth He was despised, rejected, and cruelly mistreated. It was for our benefit that He suffered this abuse. All the shame and torture He went through brings us healing. Jesus was willing to take our sorrows and pain and to bear the weight of our guilt. He did this in order to make it possible for us to experience eternal joy.

Such Amazing Love!

Consider how much He suffered in the wilderness, in Gethsemane, on the cross. He was completely innocent, yet He took our sins upon Him. That burden of sin He carried tore His soul apart in incomprehensible anguish. The agony He suffered went far beyond anything we could ever experience. We have no idea how incredibly painful it was to be separated from God, especially for Jesus, who had been one with the Father. The physical suffering was insignificant compared to the mental torture that crushed out His life. That shows us how terrible sin is.

It was because of the Father's love for us that He allowed this to happen. Our heavenly Father suffered equally with His Son. This was the only way God could save us. Only Jesus, who was one with the Father, could accomplish our redemption. He was the only one who knew the greatness of God's love and could reveal it to us.

Nothing less than the infinite sacrifice by Christ could express the love of God. The Father gave Jesus to humanity to bear our sins and to die the death we deserved to die. And Christ still identifies with our interests and needs. He is linked to humanity by ties that are never to be broken. As our Sacrifice, our Advocate, and our Brother, He still bears our human form before the Father. Through all eternity He will be one with the race He redeemed, the Son of man.

God Values Me!

How absolutely amazing is God's love! What a price He paid in order to reach down to lift us up and restore us to His image. This shows what a tremendous value God places upon us. We can begin to understand the wonderful plan God has in mind for us.

By condescending to take on human nature, Christ makes it possible for us to receive the divine nature. Through sin we came into bondage to Satan. Through faith in Christ's atoning sacrifice we may become sons of God.

There is no love that can compare with this love. We are called to be children of the heavenly King! What a precious promise! What a deep subject for us to ponder —the awesome love of God for a world that did not love Him! That thought has a powerful influence upon us.

The more we study the amazing sacrifice of Jesus, the more we see His mercy, tenderness, and forgiveness blended with perfect fairness and justice. We will hear the tender entreaties of a merciful Father who yearns for His wayward children to come home. Dear child, listen! The Father is calling you! Won't you come to Him today?