Are you close to God?

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He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. John 15:5

Experience 30 Days to Jesus to help you connect with Christ.

This is designed especially for those who are fairly new to the idea of Christianity. Perhaps you have not yet made the decision to be a Christian. This program will explain just how you can become a Christian, and how you can receive a New Life of peace and joy. Or perhaps you are a brand new Christian. This course will be a tremendous blessing to you. It is also helpful for long-time Christians who feel the need for a refresher course on the basics of Christianity. You will receive a daily inspiring email that will touch your heart with the marvelous love of God. For 30 days you will focus on Jesus, and learn how to make a powerful, permanent connection with Him. This is recommended for all who want to make sure they are living life to the fullest.

Problems we may be Facing


Solutions to our Problems

The New Life in Christ, as outlined in 30 Days to Jesus, addresses every single one of these issues. While God doesn't promise a life free from problems, He does provide the ability to deal with them so that we grow stronger continually. We can experience peace and joy, no matter what the circumstances. He gives power to break free from destructive habits. He gives wisdom to guide in all our decisions. And best of all, He showers us with love, forgiving all our sins, and adopts us as His beloved children.

About Wordkeeping Ministry

Wordkeeping Ministry is a marvelous answer to prayer. It does not reside in a large, fancy building, or emplyee staff members. It is a God-given idea come to reality in the most simple manner. It is an answer to prayer in that it allows one person, whose heart has been warmed by the love of Jesus to reach people all over the world. God has put the desire in my heart to share His love with others, and even though I'm mostly confined to my home in caring for 2 active toddlers, I am privileged to participate with Him in touching hearts who are longing for a closer walk with Him. All the praise and glory goes to God!

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